Tips to determine how much screentime is too much for kids

Statewide Iowa — The parent company of Facebook and Instagram is being sued under the premise social media platforms are addictive and harmful to kids’ mental health, and a childhood family therapist at Gundersen Health System says Iowa parents should watch for warning signs. Jeff Reiland says there’s no proven link between screentime and a child’s depression and anxiety, but he sees an alarming trend with social media that’s on a par with video games.

While addiction to social media isn’t formally recognized as a diagnosis, Reiland believes social media does have an addictive component to it and that it can be harmful.

If a parent suspects their child is spending an unhealthy amount of time at their screen, he suggests having a talk with them and not simply banning them from their phones, tablets and computers.

Reiland recommends that parents with young children hold off on giving them access to social media until they are much older and more mature.




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