Sports Scores For Saturday December 9th

Basketball, wrestling and playoff football were all on the Saturday schedule.

Girls Basketball
E-LC 64, Okoboji 29
Spirit Lake at Decorah
Storm Lake 60, Carroll 46
Siouxland Christian at Trinity Christian was cancelled
Hinton 54, Lawton Bronson 19

Boys Basketball
E-LC 70, Okoboji 52
Carroll 74, Storm Lake 66
Siouxland Christian at Trinity Christian was cancelled
South O’Brien 72, Westwood 51
Hinton 50, Lawton Bronson 40

Boys Wrestling
2023 Jim Henrich Westerner Invitational

Team scores: 1. Akron-Westfield 196, 2. Westwood 158, 3. Cherokee 151, 4. BHRV 150, 5. Sioux Center 149.5, 6. Lawton-Bronson 118, 7. MOC-FV 99, 8. Sheldon/South O’Brien 93, 9. Bishop Heelan Catholic 86, 10. Kingsley-Pierson 54, 11. Ponca 3

106-pound first place match: Conner Morrow, Fresh. Akron-Westfield, over Hudson Cihlar, Fresh. BHRV, by fall in 2:39

106-pound third place match: Bryce Oostenink, Soph. Sioux Center, over Adrian Alverado, Jr. MOC-Floyd Valley, by fall in 2:26

113-pound first place match Jessue Burton, Soph. Westwood, over Luis Tomas, Sr. BHRV by fall in 1:47

113-pound third place match Lucas Linn, Fresh. Cherokee, over Ethan Buffington, Fresh. Lawton-Bronson, by fall in 1:14

120-pound first place match: Cael Morrow, Sr. Akron-Westfield, over Gabino Vargas, Sr. BHRV, by fall in 56 seconds

120-pound third place match: Josh Hoffman, Jr. Sheldon/South O’Brien, over Jaxon Prichard, Sr. Westwood, by fall in 2:45

126-pound first place match: Gavin Wiig, Soph. Kingsley-Pierson, over Owen Scott, Soph. Westwood, by a 4-0 decision

126-pound third place match: Gerrit Hulstein, Jr. MOC-Floyd Valley, over Cole Bomgaars, Fresh, BHRV, by fall in 2:43

132-pound first place match: Jadyn Friedrichs, Sr. Akron-Westfield, over Wyatt Johnson, Jr. Cherokee, by fall in 1:54

132-pound third place match: Brodie Hoffman, Fresh, Akron-Westfield, over Aden Ruden, Soph. Lawton-Bronson, by a 5-3 decision

138-pound first place match: Thomas Gamboa, Sr. Westwood, over Carter Hautt, Soph. Cherokee, by ultimate tie-breaker 10-8

138-pound third place match: Angel Gasca, Jr. BHRV, over Phillip Monroe, Fresh. MOC-Floyd Valley, by fall in 2:00

144-pound first place match: Jackson Kinnetz, Jr. Bishop Heelan Catholic, over Kade Bauer, Sr. Sioux Center, by a 7-6 decision

144-pound third place match: Jeremiah Berg, Jr. Westwood, over Taylor Hall, Soph. Lawton-Bronson, by fall in 1:39

150-pound first place match: Kole Hooyer, Sr. Sioux Center, over Myles March, Fresh. Lawton-Bronson, by fall in 1:41

150-pound third place match: Karson Hoogendorn, Soph. BHRV, over Thomas Brown, Fresh. Akron-Westfield, by sudden victory 1 7-5

157-pound first place match: Sir Brandon Watts, Sr. Bishop Heelan Catholic, over Lane Mitchell, Soph. Lawton-Bronson, by fall in 1:39

157-pound third place match: Landon Rozeboom, Jr. Sioux Center, over Kaden Joy, Sr. Akron-Westfield, by a 6-2 decision

165-pound first place match: Brock Mulder, Soph. BHRV, over Conner Wendel, Sr. Akron-Westfield, by fall in 1:54

165-pound third place match: Mitchel Fisher, Soph. Sheldon/South O’Brien, over Jaxson Deeds, Sr. Lawton-Bronson, by fall in 2:42

175-pound first place match: Logan Allendar, Sr. Cherokee, over Carter Petersen, Sr. MOC-FV, by fall in 4:46

175-pound third place match: Reid Hulshof, Sr. Sioux Center, over Joseph Gengler, Sr. Westwood, by fall in 38 seconds

190-pound first place match: Ian Blowe, Sr. Akron-Westfield, over Brendan Lamfers, Soph. Sioux Center, by an 11-9 decision

190-pound third place match: Beau Weber, Jr. MOC-FV, over Devin LaBrune, Sr. Westwood, by a 3-1 decision

215-pound first place match: Brodie Van Regenmorter, Sr. Sioux Center, over Peyton Hackett, Jr. Kingsley-Pierson, by an 8-0 major decision

215-pound third place match: James Cleary, Sr. Bishop Heelan, over Colton Mouw, Fresh. Sioux Center, by a 5-2 decision

Heavy weight first place match: Jesue Garcia, Sr. BHRV, over Jack Leng, Soph. Sheldon/South O’Brien by a 1-0 decision

Heavy weight third place match: Jacques Zomermaand, Sr. Sioux Center, over Hayden Overgaard, Jr. Bishop Heelan Catholic, by fall in 5:35

Bob Roethler Invitational hosted by Emmetsburg High SchoolTeam scores: 1. Hampton-Dumont-CAL 222, 2. Lake Mills 202, 3. Estherville-Lincoln Central 189.5, 4. Spencer 166, 5. Emmetsburg 133, 6. Central Lyon/George-Little Rock 128.5, 7. Pocahontas Area 112, 8. West Hancock, Britt 107.5, 9. Eagle Grove 93.5, 10. Okoboji 81, 11. Forest City 80.5, 12. Mason City 71.5, 13. GTRA 68, 14. Storm Lake 59, 15. West Bend-Mallard 52, 16. Fort Dodge-St. Edmond 47, 17. Spirit Lake Park 35106-pound first place match: Lucas Oldenkamp, Jr. Lake Mills, over Tyson Dewall, Fresh. Spirit Lake Park, by fall in 1:21

106-pound third place match: Connor Stickrod, Sr. Spencer, over Ozzy Smith, Fresh. West Hancock, Britt, by fall in 1:33

113-pound first place match: Jayson Stevens, Sr. Hampton-Dumont-CAL over Auston Hansen, Sr. Estherville-Lincoln Central by a 14-7 decision

113-pound third place match: Deegan Moore, Soph. Forest City, over Easton Beehler, Fresh. Spencer, by an 8-3 decision

120-pound first place match: Reed Kruger, Sr. Mason City, over John Ackerman, Jr. Pocahontas Area, by fall in 1:42

120-pound third place match: Brody Olson, Soph. Estherville-Lincoln Central, over Tilman Schon, Fresh. Spencer, by an 11-2 major decision

126-pound first place match: Caleb Swedin, Soph. GTRA, over Mack Morgan, Sr. Eagle Grove by fall in 5;19

126-pound third place match: Braxton Johnson, Soph. Estherville-Lincoln Central, over Royce Peterson, Soph. Lake Mills, by fall in 1:23

132-pound first place match: Charlie Showalter, Jr. Hampton-Dumont-CAL, over Hayden Helgeson, Jr. Lake Mills, by a 5-2 decision

132-pound third place match: Tyce Hanson, Jr. Okoboji, over Levi Kramer, Jr. CL/G-LR, by fall in 2:41

138-pound first place match: Teague Smith, Soph. West Hancock, Britt, over Brody Strother, Soph. Hampton-Dumont, by fall in 1:25

138-pound third place match: Ragen Hasche, Jr. CL/G-LR, over Landon Price, Jr. Lake Mills, by an 8-6 decision

144-pound first place match: Steve Brandenburg, Soph. Lake Mills, over Layton Yager, Soph. Estherville-Lincoln Central, by tech fall 16-0 in 5:32

144-pound third place match: Wyatt Heying, Jr. Spencer, over Connor Christopher, Sr. Eagle Grove, by an 8-2 decision

150-pound first place match: Levi Johnson, Jr. Spencer, over William Lawson, Soph. Pocahontas Area, by a 3-2 decision

150-pound third place match: Hayden Schafer, Soph. Eagle Grove, over Bennett Duitsman, Soph. Estherville-Linccoln Central, by an 11-6 decision

157-pound first place match: Kellen Smith, Sr. West Hancock, Britt, over Taylor Mahler, Jr. Hampton-Dumont-CAL, by tech fall 17-2 in 4:24

157-pound third place match: Kade Johnson, Sr. Spencer, over Ryan Sommerlot, Sr. Pocahontas Area, by a 10-6 decision

165-pound first place match: Justin Wirtz, Jr. Emmetsburg, over Ryan Panbecker, Sr. Pocahontas Area, by fall 3:31

165-pound third place match: Logan Grimm, Sr. West Bend-Mallard, over Hale Rhodes, Sr. Mason City, by a 5-3 decision

175-pound first place match: Jace Nelson-Brown, Sr. Emmetsburg, over Jace Fullhart, Sr. Spencer, by a 7-0 decision

175-pound third place match: James Gellerman, Jr. Okoboji, over Beau Kaufman, Sr. Lake Mills, by a 7-5 decision

190-pound first place match: Ryan Wirtz, Soph. Emmetsburg, over Cael Burmester, Sr. Hampton-Dumont-CAL, by a 6-0 decision

190-pound third place match: Zach Rossmanith, Sr. Fort Dodge-St. Edmond, over Aidin Askildson, Sr. Mason City, by a 5-4 decision

215-pound first place match: Wyatt Hanna, Jr. Lake Mills, over Trevor Dieren, Sr. CL/G-LR, by tie-breaker 1 7-4

215-pound third place match: Maddon Evans, Soph. Hampton-Dumont-CAL, over Nick Saxton, Soph. Emmetsburg, by a 9-4 decision

Heavy weight first place match: Carter Heilskov, Sr. Hampton-Dumont-CAL, over Sam Christensen, Jr. CL/G-LR, by tie breaker 1, 2-1

Heavy weight third place match: JT Kelso, Fresh. Forest City, over Sam Christensen, Jr. CL/G-LR by tie-breaker 1 2-1

Sibley-Ocheyedan Invitational

Team scores: 1. Hinton 267, 2. Alta-Aurelia 205, 3. North Union, 4. Sibley-Ocheyedan 149, 5. West Lyon 136, 6. West Sioux 135, 7. Sioux City West 81, 8. MMC-RU 0

Tournament was run in a round-robin format. For the full results click here.

NAIA National Football Semifinals
No. 1 Northwestern 35,. No. 4 Georgetown (Ky.) 10
No. 3 Keiser (Fla.) 28 vs. No. 11 College of Idaho 21

It is the third time in four years Northwestern College has made the NAIA national title game.



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